Git, and how to use it
Git vs Github
Git - is a version control software in a form of command line tool.

Still complicated? Let's clarify it with examples:

  • You have an apple in your hand. So it is version 1.0.0
  • You took a bite
  • Now it's 1.0.1
  • You painted same apple in diff color
  • Now it's a version 1.0.2
  • That's what's up, just switch apple with a code and image many people biting it, changing it's color, etc

This is the main idea of version control, and that what git does for us. It keeps control of all of the versions.

Github - is a web based code hosting platform (storage). In simple words: you know what storage is? Github is a same thing, but it's just a storage for code, and it's in a cloud :)

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