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Whether you have no prior experience or minimal knowledge of QA, our membership offers a complete video course to equip you with essential manual testing skills. Master bug reporting, test case creation, and more, and apply your learning through hands-on self-practice with weekly challenges.
Who Can Benefit:
  • Absolute Beginners passionate about self-educating and starting a career in QA
  • Aspiring QA Engineers seeking practical experience in a supportive environment
  • Self-learners looking to enhance their QA expertise with real-world projects
  • Individuals committed to growing their QA skill set and standing out in the job market
Membership Perks:
  • Comprehensive Video Course
    Access our step-by-step video lessons to learn QA fundamentals at your pace
  • Weekly Releases
    Apply your learning in real startup projects with weekly software releases
  • Self Practice
    Strengthen your skills by independently testing programs, creating bug reports, and writing test cases
  • Expert Hints
    Gain valuable insights and hints at the end of each week to refine your skills
  • Homework Assistance
    Receive guidance on solving issues and improving your techniques
  • Affordable Membership
    Just $150/month for unlimited access to enhance your QA expertise
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  • I can't believe how much I've learned with the QA video lessons and practical experience! As a complete beginner in QA, this membership was exactly what I needed. The video lessons were easy to follow, and the real-world projects allowed me to apply my knowledge. I now feel confident in my QA skills and can't wait to pursue a rewarding career in QA!
    Lisa P.
  • The QA video lessons and practical experience provided by this membership were top-notch! As an aspiring QA professional, I was looking for a program that could give me a solid foundation. The video lessons were clear and informative, and the practical experience challenged me in the best possible way. I highly recommend this membership to anyone starting their journey in QA!
    James M.
  • As a beginner in QA, I wasn't sure where to start, but the Codemify team guided me every step of the way. The real-world projects helped me gain hands-on experience, which I believe is crucial for my future career. Thanks to this membership, I now feel well-prepared for a successful journey in QA!
    Emily W.
  • I am beyond impressed with the quality of the QA video lessons and practical experience provided by this membership. Being an absolute beginner, I was a bit intimidated at first, but the step-by-step video lessons made learning easy and enjoyable. The practical experience allowed me to apply my skills and build my confidence. I can confidently say that I made the right choice with this membership!
    Michael T.

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Startup experience + Comprehensive video-lessons

- Learn QA through our comprehensive recorded videos

- Apply your skills on a weekly basis

- Gain valuable experience by reviewing and supporting the release process of a US-based startup

- Test new functionality and bug fixes before they are known to the rest of the world

- Stay updated with a weekly summary video, highlighting missed bugs and ideal reporting practices

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