Start your career in QA by following a leader of QA field

Our students got jobs at…
Become advanced and increase income at least twice.
Raise your value on the market from $85000 to $110000 and from $110000 to $200000 per year.
Attend monthly live mentoring calls with Sergii to learn skills and get practical advice on how to build a successful career in QA engineering. You’ll improve productivity, reduce errors, and get greater profitability overall.

Mentoring Program

Who is this program for?
Raise your income from $85.000 up to $200.000
Doing automation but stuck with your career development?
Self-education Is difficult for you?
You write automation tests but feel overwhelmed?
Afraid of creating a pull request cause you gonna get a lot of comments?
Afraid to bother colleagues with tons of questions? (but still need answers?)
Are you the only QA among developers and don’t know who to ask?
You work as a QA analyst and don’t know much about automation?
What’s in the program:
  • Live sessions of taking advanced topics apart
    Such as CICD, Containerization, test parallelization, AWS, etc...
  • Hands on live coding experience
  • Hackathon - team coding competition
  • Coding quizzes
We will play and create joint team projects like hackathons. And even if you do not have the opportunity to join the session, you can always watch recordings of all meetings and find helpful and useful information for yourself.
My employees inspired me to create this program
You will always have access to all previous lessons.
You will stop being shy about asking questions, learn not to be afraid of making mistakes, and communicate easily.
You will be able to ask any questions and get an answer to it, and may even sort out some specific problem of yours during the class.
The Mentoring Program is flexible and accessible anywhere
  • When?
    Wednesday @ 6pm Los Angeles
  • How long?
    60 minutes
  • Where?
    Live stream on your device
How it works...
Step 1
Mark your calendar and receive an email reminder for the upcoming live call
  • Put life sessions on your calendar
  • Don’t miss sessions
  • Fill the form with your question during the week before the next session
Step 2
Join the live sessions with Sergii every week
  • Advance your skills on lessons
  • Take notes and apply it on your job
  • Get your questions asked during the session
  • Watch Sergii’s coding and get some practice
Step 3
Apply what you learned
  • Do your homework to consolidate new knowledge and skills
  • share your success and results in our QA community
  • Provide your feedback to our codemify team
Step 4
Watch all past sessions
  • Missed the class? Or want to rewatch some calls? Watch the recording of lessons on the Codemify platform
What our customers say 💛
  • Ruslan
    QA Engineer at Apple
    I did not hesitate to join Codemify because I knew it could change the rest of my life. I leveraged what I learned to hit $83,000/year in just 4 months. I had not even finished the course and got the job. I made quarantine the most profitable time of my life!
  • Veronique
    QA lead at Streamlabs
    I had zero tech experience by that time… But I was really blown away by how professional, knowledgeable, and friendly Sergii is. Also what is important is that I was signed up with a startup from day one. That gave me confidence and real life experience. By the time the class was over, within two weeks after that I got two job offers.
  • Anton
    QA Engineer at Age of Learning
    I was part of the very first group, when this course originated. That was really an amazing experience. Right now, it's gonna be almost a year that I'm employed as a QA Engineer. I wanted a change of life. I wanted a change of career.

    Now I work in Tech, and it's amazing.
Summary of everything you will get
Live sessions of taking advanced topics apart
(such as CICD, Containerization, test parallelization, AWS etc)
Hands on live coding experience
Hackathon - team coding competition
Coding quizzes
Membership Plans
Everyday price $150


Membership area with live webinars, and all recovered mentors call to watch whenever you want.

Attend monthly mentor calls with Sergii to get practical, real-world advice on how to grow fast professionally and get desired salaries and job titles!


  • Live webinars
  • Recordings: Access to previous calls
  • Assignments
  • Hackathons
  • Q&A anytime
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  • Live webinars
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