API Testing

1. What is API?

Technically, API stands for Application Programming Interface. But it doesn't make much sense for the beginners.

When you type www.google.com in your browser and press Enter, an API request goes out to Google's remote server. Once your browser receives an API response, it interprets it and displays a good looking page. See example below ↓
Check out these youtube videos to have a solid understanding of an API concept.

No pressure, just get an idea out of them.

1 - What is an API? Basic concept
2 - REST API concepts and examples
3 - What Is A RESTful API? Explanation of REST & HTTP
4 - REST API & RESTful Web Services Explained
5 - Web services tutorial: What is a web service? | lynda.com

API requests are often called web calls or http calls. These are the most common names for requests that are going from the client to a server.

You already know that :)
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