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06/29/2023 | 6 pm PDT | Live online
You'll gain valuable insights and discover the key skills needed to succeed in this IT field.
Here's what you'll learn during our webinar:
  • What is QA, What QA engineers do, and why it's important
  • Overview of different career paths in QA, and how you can grow in this field
  • How to become a successful QA engineer and make money in QA
Sergii Khromchenko is an experienced QA engineering manager and SDET with a decade of experience in the industry. With a market value of $250k annually, Sergii is a highly sought-after professional in the field.

During his career, Sergii has achieved numerous accomplishments, including increasing the speed of automation runs by three times, resulting in savings of over $750k for his company. His expertise has helped companies across various industries optimize their QA processes and achieve better results.

At our event, Sergii will share his knowledge and insights with you, providing valuable tips on how to succeed in the world of QA. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business!

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Sergii Khromchenko
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I became a QA Lead at Streamlabs

"I had zero tech experience by that time...
But I was really blown away by how professional, knowledgeable, and friendly Sergii is. Also what is important is that I was signed up with a startup from day one. That gave me confidence and real life experience. By the time the class was over, within two weeks after that, I got two job offers.

QA Lead at Streamlabs
I became a QA Automation Engineer at Auditboard

"I asked Sergii 'how a person from a totally different industry like me, with no IT background, can just find a job in QA Engineering?'.

Right now, just three months later, I can't believe my results. I can't believe how comfortable I feel, and how confident I feel with QA Engineering.

I highly recommend this course. You will definitely enjoy it."

QA Automation Engineer at Auditboard
I became a QA Engineer at Windsor Fashions

"If you attend Codemify classes, you’ll build a level of self confidence that equals 30 years of experience. So join us! It was one of the greatest decisions in my life."

QA Engineer at Windsor Fashions
I became a QA Automation Engineer at Auditboard

“All my life I have been in the sport industry, as a fighter, and when I started the course I didn’t have any knowledge about IT. So if I could get it, you will get it for sure. Just try it and this will be the best decision in your life.”

QA Automation Engineer at Auditboard
' I really got a job offer in 2 weeks after finishing the Codemify course'

QA Automation Engineer
'Yes, it's working. Just the simple methods that I need!'

QA Automation Engineer

'This is the coolest course'

QA Automation Engineer
'Before I was a waiter, cable technician, I was doing limo driving, I was doing hardwood flooring
Man, believe me, QA and working from home are the best things that happened to me!'

QA Automation Engineer

  • Ruslan
    QA Engineer at Apple
    “I couldn't find a job because of Coronavirus and couldn't earn money as an Uber driver anymore. So I did not hesitate to join Codemify because I knew it could change the rest of my life. I leveraged what I learned at School to hit $83,000/year in just 4 months. I had not even finished the course and got the job. Used Sergii's "Experienced Guidelines" to pass an interviews in different US companies while finishing the study. I made quarantine the most profitable time of my life!”
  • Vyacheslav
    QA Automation Engineer at Auditboard
    All my life I have been in the sport industry, as a fighter, and when I started the course I didn’t have any knowledge about IT. So if I could get it, you will get it for sure. Just try it and this will be the best decision in your life.
  • Anastasia
    QA Engineer
    I just finished my 5 months course with Codemify, and honestly I feel super excited, because I never had experience in my life in the IT field, but after 5 months I realised I have a lot of knowledge. I got the job only one week after the course.
Why do you keep hearing that becoming a
QA engineer is a great career choice?
Excellent, USA tech market-level compensation
No university degree required
Remote-work friendly
What’s keeping you from the career change you deserve?
Lots of technical terminology
Difficulty understanding how all the pieces fit together
Fear of applying and interviewing
Your commitment: 1,5 - 5 months,
20 hours per week
  • Coursework can be completed during the hours you prefer
  • You’ll need to attend 1 group coaching call per week at 6 pm
  • You’ll have to meet with your startup team
Here are two examples of QA Career paths both for Technical and Administrative fields.
Want to know how high your annual compensation can go in just a few years as a QA Engineer?

QA Engineer with limited or no experience.
Salary: $50,000 - $85,000 annually
Mostly manual QA Engineer.
Salary: $60,000 - $115,000 annually
Engineer with knowledge of most aspects.
Salary: $80,000 - $135,000 annually
QA that writes code
most of the time.
Salary: $80,000 - $130,000 annually
Experienced QA with knowledge of most scripting aspects.
Salary: $100,000 - $155,000 annually
QA/Developer (50/50) that can do testing as well as development.
Salary: $90,000 - $145,000 annually
Expert level QA/Developer.
Salary: $110,000 - $160,000 annually
Mostly manual QA Engineer.
Salary: $50,000 - $115,000 annually
QA with knowledge of most aspects of QA.
Salary: $80,000 - $135,000 annually
Leader of QA efforts. Person who sets examples and assigns tasks.
Salary: $100,000 - $150,000 annually
Manager who keeps every team member on track, and makes sure they all have resources.
Salary: $125,000
- $195,000 annually
Person who strategically guides team to be more effective and efficient.
Salary: $158,000 - $240,000 annually
The Sky is the Limit!

Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, VP, CTO and even to CEO position.
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