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When you buy an apple, you can instantly verify its quality based on shape, ripeness, color etc...
What is QA in a few simple words?
But only as you take a first bite, you will be able to see if an apple is really that good.

Even an extremely good looking apple might taste sour or have a #BUG in it. As soon as you find a bug, you wanna yell or tell the seller that there is a bug!!!
The bug!
This is exactly the same procedure you would do as a QA Engineer, with only a few slight differences:
You will have an app, instead of an apple.
And you will not yell that you found a BUG, but rather write it down, and describe how did you find it.
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QA Engineer at Age Of Learning
"I had zero tech experience by that time...
But I was really blown away by how professional, knowledgeable, and friendly Sergii is. Also what is important is that I was signed up with a startup from day one. That gave me confidence and real life experience. By the time the class was over, within two weeks after that, I got two job offers.

QA lead at Streamlabs
Here are two examples of QA Career paths both for Technical and Administrative fields.
Are you wondering where can you grow and how much can you make as a QA Engineer?
Junior QA Engineer
QA Engineer with limited or no experience.
Salary: from $50.000 up to $85.000 annually
QA Engineer
Mostly manual QA Engineer.
Salary: from $60.000 up to $115.000 annually
Senior QA Engineer
A with knowledge of most aspect of QA.
Salary: from $80.000 up to $135.000 annually
QA Automation Engineer
QA that writes code
most of the time.
Salary: from $80.000
up to $130.000 annually
Senior QA Automation Engineer
Experienced QA with knowledge of most test scripting aspect.
Salary: from $100.000 up to $155.000 annually
QA/Developer (50/50) that can do testing as well as development.
Salary: from $90.000 up to $145.000 annually
Senior SDET
Expert level QA/Developer.
Salary: from $110.000 up to $160.000 annually
QA Engineer
Mostly manual QA Engineer.
Salary: from $50.000 up to $115.000 annually
Senior QA
QA with knowledge of most aspect of QA.
Salary: from $80.000 up to $135.000 annually
QA Lead
Leader of QA efforts. Person who sets examples and assign tasks.
Salary: from $100.000 up to $150.000 annually
QA Manager
Manager who keeps every team member on track, and makes sure they have all resources.
Salary: from $125.000
up to $195.000 annually
QA Director
Person who strategically guides team to be more effective and efficient.
Average base pay: $158.000 up to $240.000 annually in some cases.
From here you can grow to:

Engineering Manager, Director of Engineering, VP, CTO and even to CEO position.
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