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What is Manual QA?

Manual QA is like being a detective for computer programs. You use apps or websites just like any regular person would, checking if everything works smoothly and looks good. If you find problems, mistakes, or anything confusing, you report it to the team.

This helps the programmers know where they need to make improvements.

It's all about making sure that when someone uses the software, it's a smooth and enjoyable experience.

This role is essential because even a small glitch can frustrate users, and you help prevent that from happening.

Learning Manual QA helps you:

Dive into Tech without prior Experience

You don't need to have studied computers before. This course starts from the basics.

Work Anywhere

Once you learn Manual QA, you can find jobs in many countries, or even work from home.

Get a good job Fast

Tech companies always need people to check their software. It's a quick way to start a new career.

Our QA Testing Training Offers

  • 1

    Live Webinars

    • When? Twice a week.
    • How Long? 1 hour
    Learn from experts in real-time.
  • 2

    Always Here For You

    • Our mentors are always ready to answer your questions. Our experts are available 24/7.
    • Chat with teammates in our group chat.
    Become a part of a big QA family.

  • 3

    Learn at Your Speed

    • Watch video lessons whenever you want.
    • Pause, rewind, or replay as many times as you need.
  • 4

    Real Practice

    • Lots of hands-on practice in a real startup setting.
    • Just like the real job!
  • 5

    All Online!

    • Learn from anywhere.
    • Comfort of your home or any place you like.
  • 6

    Job placement assistance

    We teach you how to professionally pass interviews. Our mentors will practice mock job interviews with you, check your resume, and help fix any mistakes.
    We're here to help you land a good job!
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Begin Your QA Journey
In our course, you'll learn the basics of testing, how to find errors, and how to create test cases.
But that's not everything! We offer unique hands-on practice: you'll work on real startup projects and find out how to handle the challenges that professionals face in this field.
Are you ready to become our next success story?
  • This Manual QA Course exceeded my expectations! The hands-on experience in a real startup was a game-changer. I learned valuable skills from top market experts, and the interactive learning environment was fantastic. It prepared me well for the challenges in the industry. Highly recommended!"
    Mike R.
  • Enrolling in this Manual QA Course was the best decision I made for my career. The real-world projects allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities, and the mentorship from industry experts was invaluable. I am now equipped with the knowledge and experience to excel in my QA journey. I can't thank enough to Sergii for his patience with all of us!
    Lara M.
  • I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Sergii K and his professional team for creating an exceptional Manual QA Course. The valuable content and up-to-date information provided were exactly what I was looking for. The classes were informative and enjoyable, making the learning experience fun and engaging. And, of course, the champagne session at the end was the perfect way to celebrate the completion of this cool journey. Highly appreciative of the effort put into this course and the support received throughout. Thank you for making this a memorable and enriching experience!
    Pria K.
  • The guidance and feedback from mentors were instrumental in my growth. The course content was thorough and up-to-date, ensuring I am well-prepared for a successful career in Manual QA. I couldn't have asked for a better learning experience! All of my teammates were happy. Thanks to Codemify!
    Brad A.
Course Highlights:
  • easy-to-follow video lessons
    Video Course
    Learn at your own pace with our easy-to-follow video lessons
  • real startup projects with weekly software releases
    Weekly Releases
    Dive into real startup projects with weekly software releases
  • industry experts in interactive webinars
    Live Webinars Twice a Week
    Engage with industry experts in interactive webinars
  • QA professionals with years of experience
    Top Market Experts
    Learn from industry-leading QA professionals with years of experience
  • Manual QA with in-depth lessons and practical exercises
    Comprehensive Curriculum
    Cover all aspects of Manual QA with in-depth lessons and practical exercises
  • codemify supportive community
    Interactive Learning
    Collaborate with mentors and fellow learners in our supportive community

Why Choose Us?

  • Real-World Experience
    Say goodbye to hypothetical scenarios! Our course gives you the advantage of applying your skills in a live startup setting, preparing you for real industry challenges.
  • Learn from the Best
    Our top market experts will share their wealth of knowledge and insights, giving you an edge in the competitive QA job market
  • Interactive Learning
    Interact with mentors and fellow learners in our supportive community. Collaborate on projects and share experiences to grow together
  • Quality Course Material
    Our Manual QA Course is carefully crafted with beginners in mind. You'll have access to high-quality, easy-to-follow materials that lay a strong foundation for your QA journey.
  • Always Updated
    Stay ahead in the fast-paced QA industry! We constantly update our course to reflect the latest trends and best practices, ensuring you receive the most relevant and up-to-date information.
  • Never the Same
    We believe in continuous improvement. Our course content evolves based on learner feedback and market demands, providing you with a dynamic and ever-improving learning experience.

Working in a real startup, you’ll learn:

codemify qa testing training online
How to thrive within an IT company’s culture
How to interview like a champion
How to stay updated with QA Trends
How to find bugs and write test cases
How to code using Node.JS and other popular languages

And More - Enroll Now to Unlock Your Potential!

The QA Testing Training Program

  • Module 1: Introduction to Manual QA
    • Understanding the Role of Manual QA in Software Testing
    • Key Concepts: Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Software Testing
    • The Importance of Manual Testing in Software Development
  • Module 2: Bug Tracking and Project Management
    • Introduction to Jira: Bug Tracking and Project Management System
    • Effective Bug Reporting and Tracking
    • Organizing and Managing Projects in Jira
  • Module 3: Test Case Management
    • Test Case Management System
    • Creating Comprehensive Test Cases
    • Organizing and Maintaining Test Cases in
  • Module 4: Testing Types and Methodologies
    • Exploring Different Types of Software Testing
    • Understanding Testing Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, and more
    • Selecting Appropriate Testing Methods for Different Scenarios
  • Module 5: SDLC vs. STLC
    • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Overview
    • Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) Overview
    • Integrating Testing into the Software Development Process
  • Module 6: Software Development Frameworks and Methodologies
    • Introduction to Software Development Frameworks: Scrum, Kanban, etc.
    • Implementing QA in Various Development Frameworks
    • Collaboration between QA and Development Teams
  • Module 7: Release and Software Environments
    • Managing Software Releases and Version Control
    • Understanding Different Software Environments: Development, Staging, Production
    • Testing Strategies for Each Software Environment
  • Module 8: Client-Server Architecture
    • Explaining Client-Server Architecture in Distributed Applications
    • How Servers Provide Resources and Services to Clients
    • QA Considerations for Client-Server Architectures
  • Module 9: API Testing with Postman & Insomnia
    • Introduction to API Testing and API Clients
    • Using Postman & Insomnia for API Testing
    • Writing Effective API Test Cases and Validating Responses
  • Module 10: Bash Scripting for QA
    • Introduction to Bash Scripting in Terminal
    • Automating QA Tasks with Bash Scripts
    • Using Bash to Enhance Efficiency in Manual Testing
  • Module 11: SQL for Database Testing
    • Understanding SQL: Database Programming Language
    • Querying and Manipulating Data in Databases
    • Database Testing Best Practices for QA Professionals
  • Module 12: Resume Preparation and Interview Guidance
    • Crafting a Winning QA Resume: Highlighting Key Skills and Experience
    • Interview Preparation: Tips and Techniques to Ace QA Job Interviews
    • Mock Interviews and Feedback Sessions to Boost Confidence
  • Module 13: Course Recap and Final Project
    • Review of Key Concepts and Topics Covered
    • Final Project: Applying Manual QA Skills in a Real-World Scenario
    • Course Completion and Certification
  • For our newcomers: We keep our course updated, always matching what's new and important in the job world. Plus, we help you make a strong resume and teach you how to shine in job interviews. We're here to help you succeed!

How the QA Program Works

Join Your Class
Get to Work at the Startup
Once you enroll, you’ll:
  • Be assigned a QA mentor
  • Be integrated into your class’s Slack group chat
  • Get the onboarding class link
Your mentor will:
  • Introduce you to the company: developers, project/product managers, and maybe even the CEO
  • Give you access to your tools
  • Start assigning you real work
Interview Preparation
The startup experience has integrated interview preparation:
  • The startup team is trained to ask you tough questions and give you feedback on your answer
  • Your mentor will be monitoring your performance and coaching you the whole way

Your academic preparation has 3 pillars:

Step-by-step online courses that take you from novice to highly-skilled professional in 1,5 months.

You’ll learn from your classmates’ questions and your mentors’ answers in a private chat.

You’ll be given group work so you can practice collaboration and develop a network for post-graduation

Experts Help

Our “professors” track your progress and coach you 7 days a week.

You’ll get individual feedback on your homework, interviewing skills, and much more.

Bonus material for post-graduation…
  • Test Case Examples
  • Bug Report Examples
  • Interview Question set
  • Resume templates
  • Cheat Sheets on various topics
  • Graduate-level bonus lessons
  • Live practical lessons with Top Instructors
  • Post-graduation “QA Club” chat access
Call 424-444-45-22 or email us at [email protected]

What our students are saying about us...
“Why I chose this course among other ones: you’re gonna be working in a real startup from day one. You will be getting knowledge on one side, but also you will be using this knowledge to practice and get real experience.”


I had zero tech experience by that time… But I was really blown away by how professional, knowledgeable, and friendly Sergii is. Also what is important is that I was signed up with a startup from day one. That gave me confidence and real-life experience. By the time the class was over, within two weeks after that I got two job offers.”

Mentor/QA Automation Lead
Co-founder of Codemify
Senior Software Developer in Test
Meet our
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Meet Anna, the co-founder and the 'real boss' of Codemify. She's the visionary who crafted our school's unique concept. Skillfully juggling every aspect of Codemify with a smile, ensuring that everything we do is not just effective but also enjoyable and fun!
Our code expert with an electric past as an electrician. He usually looks serious, (we even got him to smile for this picture!), that's why we call him a 'bad officer', but his skill in software testing is truly transformative. 10+yr of experience.
Need help? Bella is always there with a big smile, ready to make your day better. She's super friendly and loves answering all your questions.
The Mentor Who's Been in Your Shoes. Farrukh transitioned from being a Codemify student and a truck driver to leading QA Automation with finesse. Known as the 'good officer', he guides students with a mix of experience and empathy.
Founder & Course Creator
Sergii Khromchenko
"I have been working as a QA Engineering Manager for over a decade, and throughout this time, I've taught thousands of students to start a new career in IT that earn an average of $95k per year.

I know the hurdles of switching careers and the dedication it takes to succeed.

That's why I've created Codemify's Interactive Courses to guide people from every corner of the world who are just like me, eager to transform their careers and lives. With my expertise and your passion, we can make this change a reality."
Let's start your new career today! You'll be happy you did.
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