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stand out in applicant pools
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I became a QA Automation Engineer at Auditboard

“Why I chose this course among other ones: you’re gonna be working in a real startup from day one. You will be getting knowledge on one side, but also you will be using this knowledge to practice and get real experience.”

QA Automation Engineer at Auditboard
I became a QA Engineer at Age Of Learning

"I was part of the very first group, when this course originated. That was really an amazing experience. Right now, it's gonna be almost a year that I'm employed as a QA Engineer. I wanted a change of life. I wanted a change of career.

Now I work in Tech, and it's amazing."

QA Engineer at Age Of Learning
I became a QA Engineer at Windsor Fashions

"If you attend Codemify classes, you’ll build a level of self confidence that equals 30 years of experience. So join us! It was one of the greatest decisions in my life."

QA Engineer at Windsor Fashions
I became a QA Automation Engineer at Auditboard

“All my life I have been in the sport industry, as a fighter, and when I started the course I didn’t have any knowledge about IT. So if I could get it, you will get it for sure. Just try it and this will be the best decision in your life.”

QA Automation Engineer at Auditboard
"I just finished my 5 months course with Codemify, and honestly I feel super excited because I never had experience in my life in the IT field, but after 5 months I realized I have a lot of knowledge. I got the job only one week after the course."

QA Automation Engineer
"It's the best investment in my life!
I've never had any experience in QA or IT at all. I've learned a lot. So if you're still thinking should you join the class or not, I would say: YES, YOU SHOULD!"

QA Automation Engineer
From Mcdonald's worker to QA Automation Engineer in the USA!

QA Automation Engineer
"It took me about 5 weeks to get a job!

QA Automation Engineer
'I work remotely now, that's the biggest luxury that I see'

QA Automation Engineer
'I was looking for more stability, I have always been interested in the world of IT.'
I've started learning coding by myself, I couldn’t find out how I can get into IT...'

QA Automation Engineer

' I really got a job offer in 2 weeks after finishing the Codemify course'

QA Automation Engineer
'Yes, it's working. Just the simple methods that I need!'

QA Automation Engineer

'This is the coolest course'

QA Automation Engineer
'Before I was a waiter, cable technician, I was doing limo driving, I was doing hardwood flooring
Man, believe me, QA and working from home are the best things that happened to me!'

QA Automation Engineer

  • I couldn't find a job because of Coronavirus and couldn't earn money as an Uber driver anymore. So I did not hesitate to join Codemify because I knew it could change the rest of my life. I leveraged what I learned to hit $83,000/year in just 4 months. I had not even finished the course and got the job. I used Sergii's "Experienced Guidelines" to pass interviews in different US companies while finishing studying. I made quarantine the most profitable time of my life!
    QA Engineer at Apple
  • I have tried a lot of other schools but Sergii's program helped me succeed. You can ask him any question and he will answer because he has been there and done that. Wealth of knowledge! I got my first job as a QA Engineer and doubled my salary!
    QA Automation Engineer / SDET at Saatchi Arts