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Meet Anna, the co-founder and the 'real boss' of Codemify. She's the visionary who crafted our school's unique concept. Skillfully juggling every aspect of Codemify with a smile, ensuring that everything we do is not just effective but also enjoyable and fun!
Our code expert with an electric past as an electrician. He usually looks serious, (we even got him to smile for this picture!), that's why we call him a 'bad officer', but his skill in software testing is truly transformative. 10+yr of experience.
Need help? Bella is always there with a big smile, ready to make your day better. She's super friendly and loves answering all your questions.
The Mentor Who's Been in Your Shoes. Farrukh transitioned from being a Codemify student and a truck driver to leading QA Automation with finesse. Known as the 'good officer', he guides students with a mix of experience and empathy.
Founder & Course Creator
Sergii Khromchenko
"I have been working as a QA Engineering Manager for over a decade, and throughout this time, I've taught thousands of students to start a new career in IT that earn an average of $95k per year.

I know the hurdles of switching careers and the dedication it takes to succeed.

That's why I've created Codemify's Interactive Courses to guide people from every corner of the world who are just like me, eager to transform their careers and lives. With my expertise and your passion, we can make this change a reality."

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