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Advantages of enrolling in Software Testing Course with Codemify

Well, there are numerous advantages to getting enrolled in a software testing course. It is known to all that it has a wider scope; in the future, the software industry will boom, and no doubt, the current time also pays well to the software engineers and testers. Today, the average salary of a software tester is around $90k, and the rest depends on the skills and experience one has. The major thing is where one is opting for the software tester course since there are plenty of tutors. But it is very important to enroll with the best institute that has a high proficiency in software testing. Additionally, all the mentors there provide practical knowledge with Software Tester Course and real project experience. These are some of the characteristics of well designed complete software testing course. Being a well-known software institute, Codemify has been transforming many QA aspirants' lives through quality teachings and practical lessons. Today, after completing the Testing Course our aspirant has become a successful Software testing engineer. Most aspirants who have studied at our institute get a well-paid job. The biggest example is ‘Ruslan’, who has recently got selected by Apple as a QA engineer with a pay of $83000.

Apart from testing, we also give complete guidance regarding how to crack the interview to get the position as a Software testing engineer. Our Software Tester Course is completely based on strategic steps as. First, we enable the student to find the bugs, interact with clients, then different types of projects and tools and crack the interview. With the strategic approach, our QA mentors manage to provide quality teaching to our students.

Skills required to become a good Software Tester

Verbal and Written Communication
Good Technical & Analytical Skill
Student Reviews:
  • Ruslan
    QA Engineer at Apple
    “I couldn't find a job because of Coronavirus and couldn't earn money as an Uber driver anymore. So I did not hesitate to join Codemify because I knew it could change the rest of my life. I leveraged what I learned at School to hit $83,000/year in just 4 months. I had not even finished the course and got the job. Used Sergii's "Experienced Guidelines" to pass an interviews in different US companies while finishing the study. I made quarantine the most profitable time of my life!”
  • Vyacheslav
    QA Automation Engineer at Auditboard
    All my life I have been in the sport industry, as a fighter, and when I started the course I didn’t have any knowledge about IT. So if I could get it, you will get it for sure. Just try it and this will be the best decision in your life.
  • Anastasia
    QA Engineer
    I just finished my 5 months course with Codemify, and honestly I feel super excited, because I never had experience in my life in the IT field, but after 5 months I realised I have a lot of knowledge. I got the job only one week after the course.

Reasons behind choosing Codemify to become QA Engineer

Codemify has earned high goodwill due to the quality teachings that we provide to our trainees through well-experienced mentors. All the trainers at our place are highly experienced in the software industry and know each phase of software testing. So our trainees most of the time get the practical training on various projects. Following are some of the characteristics of Software Tester Course offered by Codemify.
Quality Teaching
High Achievement Rates
Cost Efficient
The Codemify mission is to provide the highest quality education and coaching programs that help beginners and experienced QA reach their full potential and achieve their professional goals. This information is for education purposes only and not to be considered as average or expected results, which will vary greatly and are based on your education level, systems, time, effort and many other factors solely within your control. We don’t believe in “get rich quick” schemes. We believe in proven education systems, drive and hard work. We are committed to teaching you how to reach your goals. In promoting our educational programs, we illustrate success stories. Our students are not compensated for their testimonials. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not guarantee results or offer legal advice. As with any business, your results will vary and will be based on your drive, effort, follow-through and other variables beyond our control.
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