2. Bug reports
What is bug report?

You have all seen bug/issues/errors on some websites, phone apps etc. But you never knew how to professionally describe what you've found. Bug report - is a mismatch between requirements(what was supposed to happen), with actual behavior of the application.

How does bug report look like?

Bug report might look differently in different companies, but it will will always have few most important parts:

  1. Title - title is a super short description of the bug that should answer 3 questions: what happened? Where it happened? Under which circumstances? If it does answer those 3 questions, anyone will be able to understand issue just by looking at title
  2. Description - detailed description of the bug. It mostly includes 3 things: Steps to reproduce, actual result, expected result
  3. Severity - how important is this bug? This option might look different in different companies, but it will be something like: Low, Medium, High, Blocker

I would personally prefer everyone to add either a video or a screenshot of the bug. This does usually help a lot!

Lets see how does it actually look like in the most popular bug tracking system in the world (Jira)

The main purpose of bug report is to let developer have clear description of how to reproduce the issue, so he could fix it.

*Interview questions

  • What is a difference between good bug report, and bad bug report?
The answer is simple:

  • Good bug report is clear, easy to understand and reproduce. Visual attachment makes it even better
  • Bad bug report is on opposite side: not clear, hard to reproduce

See you soon :)
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