Git, and how to use it

Git - how to check pull requests

When you check yours, or someones PR, ask your self these questions:

  • Does this test make sense to be automated?
  • Is test case title and a number the same as in test case management system?
  • Does this test need to live in this file? Example: if you write login test, it needs to live in login-spec.js
  • Does your test case pass? - run it 5 times on the row make sure it's not flaky
  • Does your test fail when needed? - make sure it's not false positive
  • Does the test end with assertion? - every test need to end with verifications, not clicks etc
  • Did you test case break any other test cases? - Can see in CI(github actions)
  • Is there any debugging code left (console.log, .pause .only .debug, .skip etc)?
  • Did I beatify my code before committing?
  • Did I leave one space between each function/hook?
  • Did I not use xpath from browser? You can build it your self to make it efficient, but don't copy whatever browser spins to you
  • Were all of the conflicts fixed?
  • Did total amount of tests increase by amount of tests added by you?
  • Cleanup: remove unused comments, spaces, code

Let us know if there is anything you think we could add!
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Git, and how to use it
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