1. Quality Assurance Basics

Current QA job market is pretty hot, but it is not equally hot for everyone. Most of beginners tend to learn manual testing only, which can be one of the biggest mistakes they make. Eight out of ten QA Engineers required to do automation since manual testing is not fast and efficient enough. If you are a new person, we advise you to learn basics of Quality Assurance and then get to Automation Testing as soon as possible.
Basics of Software Quality Assurance

There are two main types of QAs:

  • Manual: Engineers who perform testing without code knowledge
  • Automation: Engineers who write code that does testing for them

Basics of manual testing:

  • Actual testing
  • Filing bug reports
  • Writing test cases

If you are still not familiar with the basics of Software Quality Assurance, please check out these 4 videos to understand how to test applications and write bug reports. These are the two things that you need to know very well, as you will be asked to write a test case and a bug report in 90% of your interviews. So, get pretty comfortable with it. And if you ever feel like this is not enough, just watch some more youtube videos or email us at [email protected] with a request to add more videos to this list.

Let's learn the basics of javascript coding at

You will need to pass these 3 languages: HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Don't be afraid, it's pretty simple. And most people enjoy it :) To be honest, when went through it for the first time, I easily finished HTML/CSS but javascript took me a while. I had to google a lot of solutions for JS(javascript) challenges. But after it was finished, somehow :) I went through JS again and it was pretty clear then!

Do that, and then come back to our website and we will learn how to build an automation framework from scratch!
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