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4. Video reporter

How to install video reporter

Prerequisite: NodeJS, WDIO, and allure reporter installed

1. Install video reporter

 npm install wdio-video-reporter
2. Add following import to your configuration file

   const video = require('wdio-video-reporter');
3. Overwrite reporters property in your configuration file(likely wdio.conf.js)

   reporters: [
   [video, {
     saveAllVideos: false,       // If true, also saves videos for successful test cases
     videoSlowdownMultiplier: 3, // Higher to get slower videos, lower for faster videos [Value 1-100]
   ['allure', {
     outputDir: './_results_/allure-raw',
     disableWebdriverStepsReporting: true,
     disableWebdriverScreenshotsReporting: true,
4. Run your tests
5. Generate and open report

   allure serve _results_/allure-raw
Notes: You should be able to open report, navigate to failures section, click on one of them, and see video of failed test video execution.

Bingo! Now you know how to use video reporter :)

If you have any questions, feel free to send them here.
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